Educational Institutional Case Study


Client: Educational Institutional

Location: Midwest

A major educational facility had a spare, backup motor in storage that had been dormant for several years. This brand new spare motor was a 4,000 HP motor – 3,600 RPM (6,600 VAC).

When the main motor began to show signs of electrical failure, the facility managers knew that they had to ensure that the spare motor was working correctly, and come up with a plan if this wasn’t the case.

The educational facility management contacted Joliet Electric Motors to test the spare motor and ensure that it was working correctly before its installation. There was a seven-day window for our team to turn around this project for the client.

After Joliet was contacted by the educational facility, we scheduled a truck to pick up the spare motor and bring it to our main facility. Once it arrived, we installed it on a test bed.

Inspected overall condition, examined, and measured to verify proper clearance requirements of sleeve bearings and other critical components prior to test run.  The very thorough testing took place over approximately three hours and included temperature and vibration checks. Our team sent specs that detailed the results of the inspection and testing.

We took the test results and determined the issues at hand, and then developed and executed a plan to fix issues with the motor and ensure it would work reliably on an ongoing basis.  Joliet then shipped the motor back to the educational facility within the seven-day window.

Joliet then received the failed motor unit and repaired it back to optimal working order. This motor was returned to the educational facility, where it is now in storage until it is needed as a backup motor.

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“We feel very fortunate to have the relationship we do with Joliet. It is so important to ensure motors are in working order before installation – and the Joliet team makes sure we are covered and that our equipment works the way it needs to.”

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