Electric Motor Rewinding


Rewinding Services that Extend Motor Life

Electric motor rewinding is an excellent option to effectively repair shorted, grounded or damaged motor coils. The Joliet team has the expertise to provide industry-leading rewinding services for your motor, where we rewind coil and reinstall it into the motor with rebuilt components so you have a properly functioning motor.

Our goal is to ensure the rewinding process is expertly completed, and that the customer at the end of the process receives a motor that is working like new. Our team takes care to ensure that all the needed steps take place, while customizing the actual work based on the need of each individual project. 

Our team has decades of experience identifying the issue, and then removing faulty winding and components from equipment, replacing it with the working elements, and ensuring the motor is clean and working in top form to do its job as efficiently as possible. We ensure all the necessary checks and tests occur so once the equipment is back on site it does the job you need.

Joliet is known for value-driven rewinding services:

Electric Motor Rebuilding

Delivering innovative world-class electric motor repair, rebuild, servicing, and sales solutions.

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