Field Services


Have an electric motor problem? Look to Joliet to find the best solution.

When a large motor fails, it dramatically and adversely impacts your operations. These are the times when you likely need onsite support, right away.

Joliet Motors is proud to offer field service support for clients who are within approximately 100 miles of our main headquarters in Joliet, Illinois.

Our team offers consultations on a wide range of issues for your electric motor repair or maintenance needs.  Our team has decades of experience diagnosing and solving problems related to industrial and commercial applications.

Our team will find out from you the issues and obstacles that you face, and determine a plan to ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible.  We’ve worked with clients and had our team onsite within hours once a problem is identified, we’ve arranged to move the equipment to our facility for further diagnosis and repair, and then repaired equipment to working order and delivered it back on-site in record time.

The next time you are looking for onsite help, support, or consultation, make Joliet your first call.

Field Services:

  • Full Spectrum Vibration Analysis
  • Electric Testing (AC & DC Motors)
  • Alignment
  • Dry-Ice Cleaning (AC/DC Motors & other equipment)
Electric Motor Rewinding

Delivering innovative world-class electric motor repair, rebuild, servicing, and sales solutions.

Have a large motor that needs the best servicing available? Rely on Joliet and our team to complete the job correctly, completely, on time, and within budget!